Friday, July 22, 2011



Anonymous said...

I have to wonder about this group, Pivot Legal Society. Also, same thing goes for the BC Civil Liberties Association. Both of these groups seem to love to dwell on sensational or academic issues to further their careers. Meantime, ordinary law-abiding people in BC are begging for help, protection and justice, something which has eroded into nothingness in the last decade or two.

For example, where is the help for elderly people who are being drugged and abused in nursing homes? Where are their rights to freedom from harm and abuse? Nobody's offering to help them. Why not? We treat our animals better than seniors get treated in those "homes".

This Pivot Legal group reminds me of the lawyers in Victoria last year who took the case of homeless people sleeping in parks to court. They won a "technical" legal victory, which they crowed about in the media. But when asked by a reporter, they admitted the "win" would do nothing to help the homeless. But hey, it was a notch on their belts, and much more...

These "social justice" lawyers made off like bandits, thanks to taxpayers. Monday Magazine reported that just one of the lawyer's fees was over $300,000. The fees were paid by the City of Victoria. I don't imagine much of their fees were donated to anything but their own bank accounts.

The public probably doesn't realize that some of these so-called do-gooder lawyers are nothing of the sort. They've just figured out how to tap into a much richer source of revenue, the public purse. Just like the scumbag lawyers who fed off the aboriginal settlement claims, and I guess still do.

Leah said...

Excellent comment!