Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The most outrageous of all time

You must read Courier columnist Mark Hasiuk's piece posted yesterday.

He explains in chilling detail how the Vancouver Coastal Health will give children crack pipe kits, because "health is health, regardless of age."

The world has gone completely mad.


Robert W. said...

The "brain trust" of Vancouver has reached a new low! How pathetic!!

Anonymous said...

Outrageous doesn't begin to to explain it!

What have we done? I'm SO angry right now, David!

Thank you for your post, and all you and the many other online journalists do.

Apologies for the anonymity ATM..

Leah said...


David, that makes me feel sick! What kind of freaks are working in our "health" fields? Stunning.

If that 12 year old girl had a cigarette in her hand, all hell would break loose...ohhhhh, the evils of tobacco. Yet this is idea of theirs is acceptable? How many pipes will be given to kids who have never done drugs of any kind...and how many will start as a result of the "free pipe"?

This is like handing a cigarette to a kid and telling them not to smoke it...or giving them the car keys and telling them they're not allowed to drive it. You just know what's going to happen in both cases.

Sick. They should all be in the hoosegow.

Diverdarren said...

Since we have moved to a touchy-feely approach to drug addiction, (it's a disease not a choice, it's not your fault) with 4 pillars, free needles, safe inj. site, community court, and so on ad infinitum. How many people feel things have gotten better than when we used to just treat drugs as an illegal activity and toss criminals in jail. (real jail, not what we have today)

I say go with what works, and I say looking at drugs as a disease has failed society. It has only worked for the enabling social engineer types who live off of tax dollars and endless addiction cycles

Evil Eye said...

Truly, the inmates are in control of the asylum.

What idiots are involved with this travesty? What bureaucrats? What politicians?

It is time that we put an end to this as it seems the powers that be have given up, then we should vote for those with a stronger backbone.

I can't say anymore as I am self censoring myself, before you are forced to.

Angela Squires said...

We've got mentally ill people slung out of institutions and hospitals without secure, safe shelter; seniors in formerly safe BC Housing threatened by the presence of drug dealers and addicts and now bumbling bureaucrats with a crack pipes for kids program! Can we please dump these harm reduction peddlers in bad SRO's polluted by plentiful drug addicts for a month?
I just mentioned your name in a letter to the Vancouver Sun btw - pasted below.

Sept 14th Drug addicts should be sent to isolated work camps

Wow, thank you Brian Purdy for saying what so many of us think; I’ve been victimized by drug addicts as have most of us whose persons, vehicles and homes have been robbed to fund their habit. I rarely go downtown at night because of these addicted creeps lurking and panhandling; I’m no coward but addicts are unpredictable, desperate and threatening. South Granville alcoholics told me eastside druggies were dangerous and ruining the neighbourhood! Re: Sept 14th Drug addicts should be sent to isolated work camps
Broadcaster David Berner designed and operated a successful abstinence program for alcoholics, addicts and ex-convicts in Vancouver that involved actual work; a Winnipeg version is still operating today. Berner proved addicts can recover with dedicated work by all involved. BC has several communities that would benefit from the supervisory and treatment job positions created that could be at least partly funded by the work addicts perform. Slavery scream the bleeding hearts, no I retort, a common sense solution that does not further victimize society!


Anonymous said...

Money is the root of all evil? Harm reduction is cheaper than helping people get clean. Homeless people are cheaper than mental institutions. Welfare is cheaper than paying for education. Unlimited imigration is cheaper than giving Canadians good paying jobs.
We are all being dumbed down in order that large corporations and big government can make money. What could be better than enableing addicts? Why enableing very young addicts. I dont think the world has gone mad, I think that we are being manipulated into a place where we will all just wonder what went wrong.