Saturday, September 24, 2011


A felon with a considerable history of public and private violence (and very little jail time) is swearing at two young women.

Another man intervenes and suggests to the offender that he cool his heels.

Maniac walks away, retrieves his box-cutters, and slashes the throat ear-to-ear of the man who asked him to calm down.

Punch line?

In our ever-vigilant injustice system?

Two years.

Thank you Provincial Court judge Frances Howard.

The criminal is deeply imbedded in his criminal life-style and his drug-dealing business.

But hey?

Why consider the community?

Let's continue to be nice to the crazies in the ignorant and desparate hope that they might one day by nice back.

Judge Howard should be removed from the bench for flagrant disregard of the citizens who pay her salary and expect some measure of protection and reasonableness from her decisions.


Leah said...


Gavin. said...

This is why he's grinning and now he's heading to Wal-Mart for a new set of box-cutters!

Jeff Taylor said...

Firstly, good to have you back posting blogs pointing out just how insane our world has become.
As for this judge, until we have judges VOTED in by the people, there will NEVER be any accountability in our justice system. I realize that system (of voting for judges) isn't perfect , but would it be an improvement to what we have now ? I say YES.
P.S. I'd be interested in reading your take on the handling of the post-riot situation David.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with Mr Taylor. The only way to make a morron responsible for such an idiotic decision is to elect the idiot. Judges in our system seem to work against the police against the politicians and for the criminals

Anonymous said...

In BC there is a two tiered judicial system. One for corrupt, thieving politicians, the elite, and for police crimes. Politicians also have, "special" prosecutors, to get them off too.

The everyday BC people, don't get off, from their DUI's. We can't get away with extortion, thefts, lies, deceit and threats. Nor, do we have "special" prosecutors.

Campbell's theft and corrupt sale of the BCR trial, was a total judicial farce.

Then we had De Jong, thieving our tax dollars to pay the two patsies, that took the fall for Campbell, their legal fees.

Justice in BC, is for those who can afford it. Politicians legal fees, are stolen from the tax payers.