Friday, October 7, 2011


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Diverdarren said...

Not much to disagree with.

It might be more appropriate to say government SHOULD HAVE stayed out of diversity. It's to late to not have gov. involved. Our ideas of Canadian diversity were entrenched in the Charter by the government of the day, and it will take government along with the people to change our multicultural fixation. A fixation which will lead us down the same disastrous road of the UK. The French policies may have more cultural conflict at present, but further along they will have a more harmonious society because of their current approach to immigration.

Not in agreement with the notion you started the show with, “we are a country of immigrants.” (Natives aside) the English and French colonized and conquered this land; they didn't immigrate. I think that's an important difference. The “we are all immigrants” mantra comes from groups trying to make it seem that all cultures have made an equal contribution, and thus should have equal representation in our national fabric.