Saturday, October 8, 2011

Overheated, perhaps, but Important and Real, Nevertheless

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Jeff Taylor said...

What's truly sad and scary about the statement he read, is that probably 97 percent of it is actually true. Sure there's at least 3 or so points in the statement that I don't personally agree with, BUT, we shouldn't through everything away because of a few points we don't agree with. Unfortunately we the people, (especially in North America) never seem to learn that there's power in numbers. If the average North American took a day out of their lives and took to the streets, the Govt would have little or no choice to not only take notice, but actually start to work for the common good rather than a few that actually rule our lives. Sadly, I must admit, I'm one of those many, many people that will watch the protests from home and not join them. It's people like me that these corporations and even the Govt are depending on. It's people like me that have in a sense helped to pave the road in which the greedy and thoughtless ones have travelled on running right over the common man. I can't help but feel somewhat ashamed this morning.