Saturday, December 10, 2011

CARING ABOUT FAMILIES...but not if it costs us too much

Why would WorkSafeBC, whose mandate and mission are explained in its monicker, go out of its way to make life more dangerous for late night and over night workers?

As always, follow the money.

The BC Federation of Labour and others petitioned long and hard to have the government pass "Grant's Law," in honor of the young man who was dragged to his death when he tried to stop a punk pulling a "gas & dash" at an all-night gas station.

Now, two years later, the government is bowing to the whining from business owners who claim that keeping their employees safe is too costly. Now WorkSafeBC is pulling a vanilla on the rules.

Where is the "Families First" premier?



Anonymous said...

David,WCB (work safe) and ICBC are 2 prime examples of insurance scams that are sanctioned,promoted, funded,made compulsary,by the government. Its a toss up as to which is a bigger rip off but your blog deals with WCB so lets look at it.

One of my co workers was injured in his truck at Delta Port. They dropped a loaded container on his truck. Injuries to horrid to recount. The port dragged him out of the wrecked truck and put him in a taxi cab so that WCB would have no reason to investigate.
The good people at BCTV did a story on a claim terminated by WCB last week. As soon as they got involved the case was reopened because of miscomunication. WCB takes the premiums and then does everything it can to pay as little to claimants as possible. Dead mushroom farm workers .
This latest scam to allow buisness to put a person on a shift without a second worker is so disgusting and transparent that they might have just admitted that minimum wage earners getting killed are a justified cost of doing buisness.

Jeff Taylor said...

With all and any due respect, I find the BC Federation of Labour's petition a little rich. I mean "follow the money". This organization has never met an increase in wages or employee numbers it didn't like. They often consider a small, family run business to be in the same type of class as a corporation. Their top brass are paid wages and benefits that would make a banker feel proud. I think the real story here in regards to the terrible event that took Grant's life is the fact that the person that killed him, has been out on the run probably as long or longer than he's been in jail ! What does that say about our justice system and it's accountability ??