Tuesday, December 6, 2011


On the weekend, the Sun published a review of a new non-fiction book about a woman who married a murderer.

The woman knew that this man had murdered a woman who refused his sexual advances. She knew that the man she fell in love with and married was on life parole.

Shortly after she married this man, he kidnapped and raped two women at knife point. He is back in jail.

The book is about the woman's experience and it holds little interest for me.

What does interest me is the complete failure of what passes for a criminal justice system in this country.

The murderer had been out in the community for five years, living in a half-way house and holding down a job when this lady met him.

He was given these opportunities after murdering a woman 20 years his senior because she wouldn't fuck him.

A whole bunch of well-meaning, totally naive and ignorant social workers, psychiatrists, prison and parole officials then conspired to have two other women viciously attacked and almost murdered as well.

Why aren't these women suing all of these fools and the corrupt and blind system that employs them?

Men who murder women and kidnap women and rape women are not the same as your average Sunday dope fiend, bank robber, bunko artist or car thief.

Men who murder women and kidnap women and rape women are nonredeemable.

They cannot be rehabilitated. I know of no such case.

These men are hard-wired to perform and perform again and then again these hideous melodramas of rage and revenge.

Would it be a terrible thing for us to face this fact?

A few days before this book review was published, the Sun printed a debate about psychopaths.

The argument went something like this.

If it's true that psychopaths can't help themselves, maybe we shouldn't be so hard on them when it comes to punishment.


Could we please remove psychiatry from the court room and the parole hearing? Please?

The criminal laws are not about Personality.

They are about BEHAVIOUR.

It is not a sin or a crime or against any of the known commandments to be a not nice person. Or even to think funny.

But killing and raping are on the books.

An 18 year old who kills a 38 year old woman because she refuses his dopey advances should, once caught, remain in prison for life. To return this time bomb to the community is the height of social irresponsibility. It doesn't matter how charming the s.o.b. appears to be. He is an out-of-control lunatic and a danger to your children.

All of the people who let this particular nut free to strike again went to University.

What did they learn?

What did we?


Jeff Taylor said...

Right on David ! I get a kick out of the Loony Left these days that are bent out of shape because the Federal Govt wants to build more prisons in Canada. It's a fact that Canada's prisons are largely over crowded and this causes the powers to be to take more chances by releasing these pieces of crap out onto ours streets where they continue to pray on all of us - either directly or indirectly. We as Canadians can point fingers and call the US of A all kinds of names, BUT at least down there if you rape or murder someone, you do at least 25 years in jail and many of them NEVER get out. Yet, in Canada, we have the Loony Left chatting with radio hosts on CBC radio, telling all that will listen how terrible the US justice system is because they actually lock criminals up - for a VERY long time. Go figure. I guess none of these people have been touched by serious crime somewhere, sometime in their lives - yet.

Bill Tieleman said...

Thanks David - I am on the left politically but totally agree with you - there are dangerous psychopaths who should not be ever allowed out of jail - this guy was one of them.

Anonymous said...

I'd agree with you too David-too few people cannot seem to understand that those who either enjoy hurting or killing others,have no need to ever change.I believe that part of the problem might be that as a society,we can't even seem to see any need to create a science or a study of some of the pathological/dark-side of control-obsessed individuals.(Some really bad "leaders",in world-history seem to have had this in spades.The two things might be more related than most might feel comfortable discussing.) J.