Friday, January 13, 2012


When one of my closest friends married his same-sex partner of many years, I gave a little speech.

Among other things, I praised the extraordinary country I live in. It's still called Canada.

Now I don't like to be made a liar or a fool.

Least of all by some government legal mandarin bone-head with WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON HIS HANDS.

This clown belongs to that special class of bureaucrats we lovingly call The Meddlers.

When anything progressive or reasonable or simply good is running along just fine, thank you, one of these dingbats crawls out of the slime to raise some obscure objection found deep within article 11064-B rezi22M.

Put these men in little rooms out of harms way. Give them Lego sets and the Encyclopedia Britannica and send in food on occasion.

As for my gay married friends, fear not. This little tempest will soon crawl back into its tea pot and go to sleep until the next accidental outrage.

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