Tuesday, February 14, 2012


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Jeff Taylor said...

In listening to Howard Chow speaking, I have little doubt that he and his co-workers have their hearts in this on-going riot investigation. BUT, did the police service not learn anything from 1994 ? What about the Mayor's office ? Any brain cell function over there. Living downtown like I do, walking around the city the day leading up to game seven, and talking to people I know that were on transit on the day of game 7, listening to young, drunk people chatting and making their plans for that evening, everyone knew there was going to be trouble. You could feel it in the air downtown ! Beautiful weather, lots of booze following, and the Canucks on the verge (or so we all thought) of winning the Cup ! I'm sticking to my original thoughts - the Chief of Police & the Mayor should have worn this riot and owned up to our city that they made many mistakes and would do better in the future. But, as usual now a days, people don't take responsibility for their mistakes. I can't help but thinking that when we as a society are throwing the book at these idiots (well deserved, don't get me wrong) for rioting in our streets, there's just a little irony when the grown ups don't or won't take any responsibility for their part in the mess.