Wednesday, October 17, 2012

VERY STRONG - MUST WATCH sent to us by Norman Farrell of Northern Lights


Anonymous said...

Yes, and the b.s. never stops. Obama said. He would not make a decision on the Key Stone pipeline, until after the U.S. election. However, they were already manufacturing the pipes, when Obama made that statement.

Harper and his dirty tactics on the Enbridge are even worse. Harper and his favorite henchman evil Gordon Campbell, signed a sneak deal behind our backs. Deal was, Harper can force the Enbridge pipeline into BC.

Enbridge has done nothing other than, out and out blatantly lie, and use every dirty tactic in the book. Even posting a map, on the channel way into Kitimat Port, without all the many little islands. The massive tankers have to do hairpin turns, to get around them.

Harper selling the tar sands out to Red China, has everyone pissed off. Canadians are wondering about Harper's sanity? Other country's are escorting China out of their territories. Harper has brought that country, right onto to our Canadian soil.

That dirty lethal Bitumen, has the potential to destroy this planet. I will go to Kitimat, to stand by the F.N. People, who are also fighting this atrocity too.

Jeff Taylor said...

This video should be required viewing by every school kid across the country and more importantly, by ALL politicians as well ! (not that it really matters for the politicians because these decisions are made by Govt insiders well before any public hearings take place).

Sane Canadian said...

Complete and utter nonsense, from beginning to end.

The oilsands naturally seeped into the Athabasca River, polluting it, that was nature at work not mega oil companies.

If anything the oilsands are the biggest remediation job on the planet removing seepage, doing something useful with it, and leaving the site far more amenable to healthy living.

Enviro loonies cannot get their head around these simple facts, and are far too interested in US based NGO funding to seek the truth.