Wednesday, November 21, 2012

KITS COAST GUARD TO CLOSE??? What are they thinking?


Anonymous said...

David, whats up with union guys with no necks?
I have a family member that was rescued a few years ago. His sailboat hit something in the water and sank in minutes. He was in the water for 1 1/2 hrs (survival suit) before the hovercraft from the Steveston Coast Guard saved him. If they were covering for the Kits station he might have had to wait longer.

So how come nobody has dragged "THE PORT" into this debate? The Port has more power in the lower mainland and all along the coast than any other group.
They make or break trucking, they dictate to the city of Vancouver and Ottawa what kind of police will be allowed on port property. They closed the Cannery (no loss crummy food) they put an end to private money building a new stadium there by forcing tax payers to fund the BC Place reno. If the Port tells the federal conservatives keep the coast guard it will be kept. I wonder if the Port is behind the closure. The Port axed the Harbour Police by not wanting to buck up to fund them. Instead we have a bunch of unarmed yellow jacketed esl types making minimum wages protecting our ports. So the drug trafficing gangs (HA)and the radical islamic lets detonate a dirty nuke in a western port types have free reign on port property. Yeah if the port say jump Harper will be airborne.

David Berner said...

Excellent comment; thanks.

I am almost ashamed that I didn't think of the role of The Port during the interview. I had the head of the Port Authority on the show some months ago and it really should have occurred to me.

think you are quite right.

Also than are richer than G-d and they could easily afford to pay for a local Coast Guard, and, given the privilege they have of plying the waters, maybe thy should.

Bill Tieleman said...

Thanks for this important interview David - the Conservative government decision to close the Kitsilano Coast Guard base in Canada's busiest port is infuriating as well as inexplicable! People can go to the Facebook protest page to express support and learn more:

David Berner said...

Hi Bill,

Thanks for this.

I am thinking of having the folks from on the show as well. I seem to have reached a point in my life where I just can't stand to look at another oil-soaked bird. We have got to find other ways to feed our energy habit.

Anonymous said...

Im not sure about tanker free BC . Ive always felt that the green/enviromental movement is just a weak reason for the gov to whack us with more user fees and taxes. BUT with TWO large ships BOTH running into troubles near Prince Rupert inside of a week you have to ask your self whos bending the truth about tanker safety.
Once again the port could step up and explain their position on oil and pipelines but the port doesnt like to involve its grandself with the peons of BC. The ads they run on TV are just as phony as the BC Liberals Canada starts here campaign.The port is NOBODYs friend. They only understand intimidation and money .

Anonymous said...

hi David
Nice piece on the closure of Kits Base.
Some points to consider;
1.Very few of the upper management of the Coast guard has any maritime experience. The man in charge of SAR in BC came from Agriculture Canada. The Commissioner comes from Transport canada whener he screwed up with air safety.
The Deputy Comissioner of the Guard has several years of experience with the Navy Reserve in Victoria. This is all laughable.

Plus they all get to get to wear very fancy uniforms which is insulting to the regular crew as the executives didn't earn their stripes they got appointed to them.
The AUX or RCMSAR is around but they are normally 20minutes to their boat.Then however long it takes to get on scene.
Contrary as to what CC says they do not have the same level of training as the regular members and never will.BUT for some reason they won't can't talk in support of keeping Kits open.I suspect that this is being fought tooth and nail by the executives because thay have publically embarassed the government and the minsiter and figure if they don't go ahead they will loose their jobs as well they should!PS the man who was the head of SAR in BC has just been promoted up and out of his job. It's the Peter Principle all over again.