Monday, November 12, 2012

Perhaps you think this is funny. I do not. Not only is it retrograde, but it is a dreadful abuse of children


Anonymous said...

Beyond any doubt the most ignorant piece of crap ever produced for public consumption.

Jeff Taylor said...

Completely sick and demented really. I've personally known several people that ruined their lives due to their addiction to pot. For them, smoking weed started out as minor and recreational until it became an addiction that controlled their lives including one of them that couldn't hold down a job which basically led to them losing everything they had. It always amazes me how people can justify pot smoking but think nothing of pointing their finger at people that drink alcohol claiming that it's way worse than marijuana. Smoking pot is all fun and cool until an impaired driver under the influence of marijuana kills themselves or some innocent person. So, what that in mind, how can pot be harmless ?

Drew said...

Sadly, I waited too long to check this out, and now the link says, "This video does not exist". I echo Jeff's comment, though: alcohol can be taken in moderation without impairing someone; marijuana has but one function -- to impair a person. The first thing to go, I notice, is the sense that they are impaired. The next thing to go is the ability to see past their own nose. But the pro-pot argument that really burns my bacon is the argument that legalizing it will bring in more tax revenue. Why would a government continue to bother treating people for addiction if they're making money off it? And the idea that schools and health care systems might become beholden to that source of revenue just makes me shudder. People were upset enough when Coke started sponsoring school scoreboards. (This, of course, is assuming that pot growers will suddenly become model, upright, tax-paying citizens and not, say, start looking for something more lucrative to sell to the gangs.)