Thursday, December 6, 2012


Of course, being a prolific and inspired and constantly toiling musician, Dave Brubeck was much more than Blue Rondo a la Turk and Take Five.

Nevertheless, these two tunes are iconic and blazed into our finger-snapping consciousness.

Here is the New York times thorough obit.

And below is the music...

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David Berner said...

From Maurice LeGallais, an old friend:

many year ago, say 1963 ,,,,,,,, in Penticton
I was young, married, with a baby girl and her infant sister, earning nearly $600 a month and able to support the family, with money to spare !
So we bought a stereo radio Hi Fi console with turntable that if stacked automatically played 6 records. Well, 3 or 4 anyway……..
and joined a record club…….
Anything that arrived in the mail came as a surprise. what you expect and what you get are not always the same.
Dave Brubeck was one of them, a very pleasant surprise.
If you have this album I need say no more.
But if you do not, you may enjoy reading the inside of the album cover where there can be found many interesting anecdotes about the recording and the players feelings as they created music in front of a large knowledgeable audience.
I found their comments about the complicated rhythm to be most interesting.

regards …...