Friday, December 7, 2012

GUest Blogger, Victor, Shines a Light on Our Town

We remember Sally when she won her Oscar. Her speech started with, " They like me, they really like me!"

Vancouver is the Sally Field of Cities. Let any group, anywhere, select Vancouver as a top city for anything, and the media gush. It becomes front page material.

This week, the Mercer Group ( is that a jazz band?) placed Vancouver in a top 5 rating. One of the criteria was weather. No Vancouverite can take credit for the weather. It is a free endowment. It would be ours to enjoy even if we were an urban backwater run by a delusional political cult of aging flower children.

Oh wait, we are.

So next week, rumor has it, the Cincinnati Linoleum Installers Union will select Vancouver as the best city for a convention. Clear the front page!


Anonymous said...

David, if you have lived in Vancouver all of your life you might not know that its one of the best places on Earth. So its good that we get reminded every once and a while.
Mind you if you walk along Beach Ave and look over at Kits then stop at the Sylvia for a coffee then wander along Denman and end up at Prospect Point looking at the harbour and the North Shore it will dawn on you that this is one gorgeous city.

Those lino guys know how to party.

David Berner said...

Spot on!

I have been walking exactly that route for 50 years now, and the Sylvia is my favorite place for a late breakfast. This is a beautiful place.

That of course is nature.

Now, the Moon Children who like to think they run things...they are clearly an advance party from some distant universe sent to make us FABULOUS.

Anonymous said...

We can only hope that the good people of Vancouver wake up to the idiotic planning from the bizzare Mayor Moonbeam. I was born and raised in Vancouver. The West End was home untill I moved out at age 19. Ive been a courier and a trucker in the lower mainland all of my life. The plan to choke traffic in various neighbourhoods is a missguided attempt to make up for bad planning by many levels of gov. for many years.
Sky train should have been built along side Hwy 1. From Horseshoe Bay to Chilliwack or beyond. Busses could have fed the mainline from every community.
The Golden Ears Bridge should have NEVER been built. Instead the Pattulo bridge should have been replaced with a state of art crossing including tracks for rapid rail
Rapid rail could have been used all over the lower mainland.
The 5 lane Port Mann was adequate. They only needed to expand the pathetic 4 lane hwy . An extra lane either sidee of the bridge in the direction of rush hour.
As far as bike lanes and road closures for pedestrian traffic. Maybe in the Garden of Eden but in a city where retail shops need people with the means to arrive, buy, then transport their purchases home these are not great ideas.
Alas I am at an age where the short sighted planning will only inconvienience me for a few more years. We can only hope that the damage that the idiot mayor does is not enough to trump mother nature.

Evil Eye said...

I find myself in the holiday spirit and generally concur with 13.

The real problem with Vancouver is that it is a backwater with gross penis envy. Every little positive note about the city is blared on the front page of our daily fish wraps as some sort of heavenly sign.

Our transportation woes can be traced back to SkyTrain - ever notice no one else builds with it?


Vancouver is a self absorbed inside joke that no one understands and Mayor Moonbeam, well I will be charitable this holiday season and only say should read over and over again, out loud, that old fable "The Kings New Clothes".

And so, as Tiny Tim observed; "God Bless Us, Every One!”