Wednesday, December 5, 2012




In what passes for newspapers these days, this shocking revelation was carried across the country this morning:

"Doctors in Canada are so skittish about the medical use of marijuana that a third of MDs who have been asked to endorse a patient’s access to the drug never agree to it, a Canadian Medical Association survey suggests.

Another 25 per cent of doctors who responded to the survey said they would “seldom” be willing to support a patient’s access to medicinal pot; 64 per cent are worried that patients who request medical marijuana may only want it to get high."

Duh? You think?

No doubt, the good docs were on a fact finding mission to Katmandu or Vegas at the time.

Oh, it was just a survey.

Who put the IQ juice in the office coffee?


Drew said...

I got a bit of a revelation about "medical marijuana" many years ago, when a friend of mine showed me his well-worn prescription for the stuff, to help ease a bad back. We sat out on his porch while he fired up a prescription doob ... he took a long toke ... and then offered me a hit. Which I refused. Isn't there something just plain WRONG about sharing a prescription med?
Yo - Dave: I got some WICKED Tylenol here! Want a couple of tabs?
On the lighter side, I'm reminded of Jeremy Lloyd's one-liner on Laugh-In back in '68: "I guess The Beatles really are on hard times. Yesterday, I saw them all smoking the same cigarette!"

Anonymous said...

Lately the talk radio circut has more than a few supporters of legal pot. They all decry the gateway drug theory as nonsense. I always wonder how many coke users and heroin addicts started out using cocaine and heroin. Ill bet the family fortune that their first foray into the drug culture was pot.