Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Patrick Brazeau has been put on a leave of absence after the Senate enacted a rarely used power to suspend one of its own, saying the move was needed to protect the reputation of the upper chamber and the "public trust and confidence in Parliament."

Hahahahahaha...The reputation? Hahahahaha...

Read the rest of the story here if you must, and then reflect on these two notions:

With the leave of absence, Brazeau retains his title and salary - $132,000 a year. Of course, like most Senators he was already committed to doing nothing, but now he really must do nothing.
I am only one of many hundreds of thousands of Canadians who have consistently said close down this august body of hot air. A chamber of sober, second thought? I can point to several (dare we call them?) members who wouldn't know sober if they fell in a pile of it.


Anonymous said...

David you nailed this one. Punished by being forced to do nothing. When you see the nightly news footage of Pamela, Mike, and all of their cohorts you can see the strain of the high pressure jobs. Or it might be the strain on their belts and girdles. Eliminate the fat in the senate.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

I'd say Brazeau upholds the Senate's reputation etc just fine (*snick*).
Time to Triple E it.