Thursday, February 7, 2013


The most hysterical thing about the latest Sukh Dhaliwal fiasco is that the name of the company for which he has been accused of not paying taxes is Genco.

Genco, of course, is the name of the olive oil business that Vito Corleone used as a front for all his other activities in The Godfather.

Apparently, Sukh is so busy running for office, he doesn't get to the movies very often.

The second most uproarious thing about Sukh's current troubles is that he publicly declares

“British Columbia is at a crucial point in history, and the B.C. Liberals are the best option for our province’s economy. Offering families low taxes, a clear plan for growth and the fiscal capacity for strong systems of support are values that I firmly believe in.”

Now, there's that push-button word that Premier Clark has no doubt instructed all her gang to use in every utterance. As in, "I'll have a Sleeman's - that's a  good family drink, isn't it?"

The reason this is funny is that - except for her famous Family Day holiday - the Preem's attendance to family concerns are less than minimal. There are fewer services and fewer workers to provide those services in almost every area of public policy today - addictions, the elderly, kids at risk, abused women...

However, we can thank our lucky stars that good old S. Dhaliwal is standing guard for us.

For example...

While a federal MP, he wrote a reference letter on official House of Commons stationary for convicted international drug smuggler Ranjit Singh Cheema. The letter was addressed to the California judge sentencing Cheema after he pleaded guilty to conspiring to import 200 kilograms of heroin. Cheema was gunned down in Vancouver last year shortly after getting out of prison.

Dhaliwal will be a wonderful addition to the fun house in Victoria.

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Anonymous said...

David, not to many people notice sukh. He pops up now and then and in most cases his headline is less than stellar. I think Sukh exemplifies what is wrong with corrupt politicians.

I would be interested to know Sukhs history. Where did he go to school and what level of education did he get. What was his employment history?