Friday, May 17, 2013


It's been a while since I was posting three or more blog items a day, and I am not planning on resuming that schedule.


There are two items of public mischief and malfeasance in the news today that I think call for some response.

1. Former TV reporter and now Canadian Senator, Mike Duffy has resigned from caucus. He should have resigned from the Senate and from public life.

Mr. Duffy has lived a charmed life. He been from the beginning One of the Anointed

Given positions and appointments in public life way beyond his qualifications, he posed as a parliamentary expert in the media for years. He pushed his deeply intoned vowels at us and we shook our collective heads. Who is this dork, exactly?

Then shifting quickly from the fifth estate to the sinecure of a lifetime salary and pension in that august body of irrelevance known as the Senate (GET RID OF IT, TODAY!), Duffy quietly spent our tax dollars doing exactly...what?

Oh yes, he claimed expenses on a house that he rarely saw.

That's $90,000 worth of false claims.

This is called lying and fraud and a crime.

Forget betrayal of public trust. None of us was holding out for that.

This little creep and the PM's right hand man who is attempting to bail him out are both detestable. They are both examples of why voter turnout is so low.

2. Arsonists have burned down a new house at First and Victoria. They don't like "gentrification."

These folks are criminals. Could The Law please respond.


Anonymous said...

Duffy Wallin Clarkson etc . I wish I had a job at the CBC so I could be appointed to a high paid jumbo pensioned position where any need to break a sweat would mean the RCMP CRA were onto my indiscretions. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY. Now with any luck these crooks will be charged and convicted. More tax payer dollars wasted. The amount of money that we waste at our three levels of government is beyond belief. I think that we should apply for a governmnet grant of , oh about 25 million dollars. David you can be the chairman . We will do an 18 month study of areas of government spending that could be eliminated or trimmed. I will set up my office in Miami . We will fly first class at leaste once a month to warm resort areas to discuss our findings. At the end of the year and a half we will publish our findings in some first nations dialect . Make that 4 levels of waste I forgot about first nations

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, justice may/will be served now that Duffy, Brazeau and Haber expense claims in hands of RCMP.