Friday, May 31, 2013

The Law of Unintended CON-sequences


Pot products need childproof packaging: study


Since state's laws were relaxed, 14 children have been sent to hospital after ingesting marijuana in foods such as brownies and candies

So, the kids in Colorado are dropping like flies cause the alleged
grown-ups are all into grow-ops.

And this is what your leading BC health authorities are working overtime to bring to a neighbourhood near you.


Now, what about driving or walking down the street or cycling in a community that is high all the time? That'll be fun, won't it?

And our famous Canadian productivity? That will really soar, won't it when we're all lookin' at the rainbows and just, like, diggin' it....

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Anonymous said...

David , in order to dumb down the population in order to keep us stupid do a few things. Allow unrestricted imigration. This makes unionization difficult. This allows for an atmosphere more like a third world country. Now what to do with the caucasions that might still remember how successful and prosperous the country used to be. Why encourage them to use drugs. The older ones will die off soon enough and the new generation will be so stoned that they wont notice their standard of living going south at 100 miles per hour. Pass the crack pipe would ya.