Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Transportation, Translink, City Government - Gordon Price Speaks

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Evil Eye said...

Gordon Price is not a transit expert and his love of SkyTrain shows a profound ignorance of modern public transit.

Only 7 SkyTrain type systems have been built since the late 1970's. Price is metro man who will build subways until he will bankrupt the taxpayer.

Passenger flows along Broadway are under 5,000 persons per hour per direction and easily handled by modern LRT.

Inconvenient facts.

SkyTrain has less capacity than modern LRT.

It is not speed or 90 second headways (modern LRT can operate at 30 second headways if demand warrants), rather it is the overall ambiance and convenience of the system.

The $2.5 billion Canada line is not SkyTrain at all, but a heavy-rail metro built as a light-metro and has less capacity than a streetcar. SkyTrain and the Canada line are incompatible in operation.

Modern LRT can be as fast as Skytrain if it is designed to be.

No one copies TransLink nor TransLink's light metro planning.

Sadly Gordon Price, who is not a public transit expert, is a yesterday's man, unwilling to deal 21st century transit philosophy.with the real issues