Thursday, October 30, 2014


Entitlement now has a new face and a new name.

No, it's not a drug addict who has joined a union of drug addicts demanding free everything, and it is not a teen who is demanding everything all the time in every way without lifting a finger.


It's Kaci Hickox, a nurse, recently returned to America from a stint treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone.

Ms. Hickox has been asked to remain in her lovely rural home in Maine until November 10th, but today she and her fabulously perfect boy friend, Ted, went for a bike ride - along with many members of the national and local media and a swarm of various police.

"I'm not willing to stand here and let my civil rights be violated when it's not science-based."

Let's see if we can follow this.

Most people are trying to prevent the worldwide spread of a deadly disease.

If you had been exposed, and you had even the slightest hint of a concern about your community and your state and your country and your continent, wouldn't you find a way or ways to get comfy hanging about your large comfortable, well-equipped house, wouldn't you just do that for 21 days?

Wouldn't you feel guilty about roaming about, going into shops and restaurants on the off chance that you might be responsible for setting off a chain reaction with massive deadly consequences.

Sure, maybe it won't be a barrel of laughs.

Here's my radical take.

This person should not be quarantined. She should be in jail.

And every time you head for the dictionary, encyclopedia or Wikipedia in search of the meaning of ENTITLEMENT, or try to understand the generation that is completely obsessed with every minute right it can imagine and claim, you will find her demanding photo.


Leah said...

She should be in thoughts exactly about 20 seconds into reading the story in the Maine newspaper.

Georgialee Lang said...

David It's called selfishness...she also may be enjoying her 15 minutes of fame!

haykind said...

Thank you David. I heard this story and thought the exact same. I'm a doctor and was appalled at the arrogance of this nurse drama queen. 3 weeks she was asked to stay inside. As a nurse she has done more to harm public health than serve it. Yet she claims the perpetual 'victim monopoly' position and argues that suing the state is helping others. Already she's wasted thousands of dollars of resources and demanded the spotlight for her insanity rather than supporting the work of all involved. At least she's just a young pretty face. Thank god the mature nurses male and female that worked with me in areas of greatest need are as silly and criminal.