Saturday, February 7, 2015



D. M. Johnston said...

What appalls me about the TransLink plebiscite is that the YES side has resorted to deceit and deception, while the NO side uses mostly fact, facts that no one really wants to hear.

I have been at this transit game for 30 years now and nothing has changed; an ossified central command dictating orders left, right and centre, yet kow-tows to the provincial government with its latest rapid transit scheme that is designed to win votes, rather to move people.

Despite the fact that a Broadway subway will have constricted capacity (SkyTrain's 80 metre long station platforms constricts capacity at about 15,000 persons per hour per direction) the mainstream media, TransLink and regional mayors refuse to state this important fact.


Because modern LRT has a higher capacity than SkyTrain and no one will admit this.

A few other "porkies" from the YES side and the mainstream media:

SkyTrain is dead cheap to operate (fact is, SkyTrain has a higher operating and maintenance costs when compared to LRT

TransLink will buy 400 more buses (Fact is, TransLink has about 1,500 buses but can only operate around 1,000 buses during peak hours. Just to get those 500 buses on the road, TransLink will have to hire a minimum of 1,500 new operators, manager sand maintenance persons.)

The transit plan will reduce congestion and pollution. (Fact is the mayors transit plans will not reduce congestion and pollution as, despite a $9 billion investment in 'rapid transit', congestion has not been reduced, as well as pollution)

The list goes on......

As I have said ad nauseum in the Newspaper and face book posts; In Lotus land, the people live in an everlasting dream of ennui, laced with hubris, where a YES vote will ensure bad transit and a NO vote will bring good transit to the region.

Anonymous said...

David, that was an awesome interview. Reminded me of your days from Kits point giving bike updates on the Burrard Bridge in October on a rainy day. Zero.
I have made deliveries to Translinks maintenance facility in Burnaby. I wish that you could have been with me as the culture of waste and inefficiency was front and center. I was told to move my truck to the side and be patient. I explained that they would need to pay to have me wait. They almost keeled over laughing and I was told "this is translink and money means nothing to us". This joke was retold by so many different people I met in my 4 hour stay that I was bewildered.

If the good people of the lower mainland vote yes to give translink more than we are idiots that deserve to live in cardboard boxes and eat dog food. I wonder if the tunnel down Broadway will have an underground shuttle connection to Chips house? Not for him but it will be a way for his servants to commute without him having the neighbours set their eyes upon the help

Anonymous said...

Well David, Translink decided to kick some butt. They didnt use the steal toed boot from your show but a pink bedroom slipper with ribbons. When the slipper hit the ceo in the rear $400,000.00 floated down upon the sad soul who lost his job.NOT! 16 months of pay to remove the slipper. They then appoint a temporary ceo at $35gs per month.After the vote they will hire another ceo at close to 1/2 million per year. Yep thats spending tax dollars wisely.
Like I said if we give Translink a new source of revenue to go along with the already overwhelming revenue they already recieve and WASTE we are idiots. Not just regular idiots but gold plated diamond encrusted 18 karat idiots
ps what kind of pensions do these trough dwelling porkers at translink get?