Wednesday, July 29, 2015

DR. NO, after the vote...

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D. M. Johnston said...

Before we spend another cent on TransLink, we must find out why the cost of revenue passenger is one third higher for TransLink than Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton.

One reason of course is that we spend up to 10 times more to install SkyTrain than LRT (TTC ART Study 1983).

For the cost to build the original GVRD "LRT transit plan" C.1980, which saw LRT built from downtown Vancouver to Richmond centre (using Arbutus); Loughedd Mall and Whalley (using in part the old Central park Line), we got SkyTrain to New West Minster.

Do the math, we spent 3 times as much to build with SkyTrain, than with LRT, with no economic benefit!

The Canada Line is just a shop of horrors, as the Canada Line exceeded its original budget by over $1 billion, yet we have a pygmy subway system, with 40 metre long station platforms (the rest of the SkyTrain system has stations with 80 metre long station platforms) which can handle only 2 car trains!

Effectively, the Canada Line has one half the capacity than the Expo and Millennium Lines! In fact, for $2.5 billion, we got the only heavy rail metro built as a light metro having much less capacity than a simple streetcar costing a fraction to build!

The City of Ottawa, a few years back, sent a fact finding tour to Vancouver to study our SkyTrain and Canada Line system, because the Federal government, under pressure from SNC Lavalin and Bombardier Inc., who hold the patents for the proprietary SkyTrain system, was trying to force SkyTrain on Ottawa.

The fact finding tour. after visiting Vancouver, found that not only SkyTrain much more expensive to build than LRT, it was much more expensive to maintain and operate than light rail, with no other benefits.

Today Ottawa is building with LRT, which by design has much more capacity than SkyTrain, at a cheaper cost.

Why TransLink is in a financial turmoil? it's called SkyTrain and the more we build, the further TransLink digs itself in a finacial hole.