Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fashion With a Bite

IN their relentless pursuit of the right to bear arms and arm bears, the Americans are now selling tasers to your average dough head consumer.

This will make arguing with the stupid lady with 12 weeks of groceries in the Express Lane at Safeway particularly daunting now.


PelaLusa said...

Yeah, but while she's fumbling to get it out of her overloaded purse, I'll already be exiting stage left.

Expect to hear this news story from Florida one day: "Two seniors, both women and each wheelchair bound, got into an argument over the last available bottle of Viagra at a local supermarket. Tempers flared and then each pulled out their own personal Taser, firing it at the other. As they both had heart conditions, both died instantly from heart attacks. In a related report, a press conference was held by the Taser manufacturer. Reporters were assured that Tasers were perfectly safe for both police and civilian use and any hint that they may have contributed to the deaths of these ladies would be swiftly addressed with a libel lawsuit."

David Berner said...