Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Victor at the Movies

Sir Tom Courtenay, a splendid actor, was complaining about the tendency of some young actors to mumble. Says Sir Tom " Some handsome young actors assume that it's enough 'that I come on and be lovely'.

It says so much about the self importance of so many actors. Time was when we just went to a movie, came out and said, " Boy, can that Cary Grant ever act."

Now, you're more likely to hear movie goers say, " God, George Clooney just made the biggest statement in western thought since Kant's 'Critique of Pure Reason'.

Actually no. It's only a movie. George, Brad, Tom, Angelina are just actors. They read stuff other people write for them. It takes a day to get them to recite 2 minutes of memorized script. They are not intellectuals and they do not have any formula for world peace and saving the planet.

And many of them can't act.

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Anonymous said...

I think Sir Ian McKellan's discourse on acting perfectly illustrates your point.