Sunday, February 10, 2008

Be the Judge

The news that the North Shore is adding 6 officers who will focus on problems of alcoholism and addictions on reserves is welcome and not to be discounted.

These RCMP and West Van police are necessary and we can only hope that they will help.

But I know of no other way to put this gently.

Until aboriginal families abandon their "traditional" "non-judgmental" ways, these nightmares will continue.

Non-judgmentalism has been all the rage in almost every aspect of the dominant white culture for several decades now. Child rearing, education, psychology, every corner of society has raised the BE NICE flag.

Certainly yelling and screaming and criticising and beating each other and our children is downright bad and counter-productive.

But another meaning for judgment is care. Asking the one you judge to take himself to a higher standard. Having high and hopeful expectations.

Like, being clean and sober. Like, doing well in school.

White, urban, middle-class bores have long cited the admirable qualities of native non-judgmentalism.

Perhaps it's time for some aboriginals to notice with envy the demands that many other cultures put on their children to succeed and to be proud of themselves and their successes.

Yah, I know. This is a racist rant.



David in N Bby said...

I heard the two broadcasters hosting today's Chinese New Year Parade (both of Chinese origin) agreeing that "Education is very, very important to the Chinese community."
I wonder, would that qualify as a "racist rant"? ;-)

Kelly said...

David I loved your radio show. Your blog is entertaining and occasionally insightful and poignant, especially in regards to addiction issues. Seems lately you're becoming increasingly joyless and cranky, not that there isn't an unbelievable ton of things to be pessimistic about. Now this display of ignorance, I feel more than a little sorry and embarrassed for you.