Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Carole's Carbon Tax

Sorry, folks.

I don't buy it.

The cost of driving my car and heating my house will rise and therefore, I am going to change lifelong habits and become a worthy citizen?

I don't think so.

At least, I don't think so about you.

I already drive a tiny, fuel-efficient and well-maintained 15-year old car, which I leave in the garage every Saturday.

But you drive 2 Ford Exploders, which you drive 9 days a week and you love it and you're not going to give it up for a 2.3 cents/litre bump.

It's true that my house is not well-insulated and that it has skylights and many windows and is just one bullrush above sleeping in the weeds.

But I'm not going to spend $20,000 to become David Suzuki's best friend.

I think this budget will result in next to NO climate change whatsoever.

I think that, like so many of Capbell's "initiatives," this is smoggy smoke and dusty mirrors.


Anonymous said...

I guess that Campbell and his fart catchers are delusional enough to believe that their Carbon Tax will "off set" the new COAL FIRED Plants that are activated every FIVE days in China. Ha, ha ......

Martino said...

This budget is an excuse to bend us over the oil barrel and f*** us when they raise the price of gas, hydro and transit.

And I won't be surprised when big business gets exceptions when it comes to paying their fair share.

climate_change_atheist said...

Overall, I think it is a good budget.
The carbon credit for low income people will help pay for the increase in transit fares.
The rebates for new fuel efficient cars will probably push the price of used small cars lower, giving a break to those who can't afford to buy new.
I especially like the fact that first time home buyers who pay cash will be exempt from the property purchase tax for the first $425K. This is good for immigrants, Muslims who abide Shariah law and myself.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing that this new round of taxes comes right after our politicians, ceos, and elites took a whacking big increase in remuneration at tax payers expense? " What me worry?" are the operative words for these folks. Their asses are covered while Carol is going to send the rest of us a $100. Sheesh! Carbon taxes for these folks is one big joke on the rest of us plebes.

Anonymous said...

But Dave... how do you think Gordon Scamble is going to pay for his pork laden $14 Billion transportation scam.

Dave... maybe you should start a road construction company... donate a few bucks to the Fiberal party... then make sure you have your hands out when they start doling out those transportation construction contracts.

Anonymous said...

HA, HA, HA... and Gordon Campbell greens budget includes millions for oil and gas exploration... looks like the joke is on BC residents.

How's that Solar power R&D development coming along, Gordon?

dave for mayor said...

Can't wait to use the 100.00 bribe to fill up my gas guzzling explorer haha. Too funny.