Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gravity is still accepted

In Florida, evolution has been downgraded to a theory. And this is how it will be taught in what passes for schools in the enlightened sovereign state.

But, don't worry. There is a complete separation of church and state in America and religion has little sway in public affairs.


Anonymous said...


Evolution is a theory.

In science, a theory is a mathematical or logical explanation, or a testable model of the manner of interaction of a set of natural phenomena, capable of predicting future occurrences or observations of the same kind, and capable of being tested through experiment or otherwise falsified through empirical observation.


David in N Bby said...

Evolution is not a theory, it is an observable phenomenon, like gravity. What Wallace, Darwin and others since have constructed and test are theories regarding the mechanisms, such as adaptive radiation, by which evolution happens.