Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dianne Watts is Doing Something

Dianne Watts, the Mayor of Surrey, is determined to open a "sobering centre" to repsond to the addicted, alcoholic and mentally ill.
And this is not new. Since being elected, she has worked with private non-profits to create more treatment beds tahn exist anywhere else in the province.

She is the only mayor or politician of any level that I have witnessed in many years with the courage to actually step forward and do something real about these problems.

Congratulations to her. And may some of the other sleepy heads in the 'hood awake and follow her example.

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Anonymous said...

Dianne Watts is obviously someone who believes in doing something.
i wish I could say the same thing about the Mayor(s) of vancouver. Lots of talk, not action.
After all, one of the previous mayors is now in charge of the province and it's pretty obvious what he believes in.
Money,money,money for his buddies.