Thursday, February 7, 2008

What Gulag are we in Again?

Let's see if I understand this new trend.

Last week, BC Hydro fired their fairness commissioner because he said some of their practices were unfair.

Now, Rich Coleman, BC's Forests Minister has rejected his own ombudsman's recommendations for cuttin down the number of worlers' deaths in logging.

The safety ombudsman, Roger Harris, says the numbet one killer is bad logging roads.

Coleman says, "Shut up! That's too expensive to fix."

Coleman is also BC's Minister of Housing. He must be a very talented guy.

This morning he also denied the numbers released on how we are trailing everybody in providinf social housing.

So we have a theme here. If you don't like the evidence, you just bully it away.

Comrade Colminskovich, pull up a wooden bench to our table. Have a wodka, tvarish.

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Anonymous said...

The real problem is that they get away with this stuff.