Friday, February 15, 2008

Ignorance Rules

An indicator of how little understanding of the issue is "out there," is this headline on page A4 of this morning's Sun:

"Some people can't even make or keep appointments."

This about mentally ill and addicted people.

Wow! Amazing!

If you didn't know that about addcits and people with mental illness, you don't even know the first thing about these issues.

Everybody's got an opinion.

Few, including politicians and so-called opinion makers, have the foggiest about the basics.

No wonder things are getting worse instead of better.

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David in N Bby said...

"Some people can't even make or keep appointments."
Including court dates in the cases of so many that are grist for the "justice" system mill instead of in the health care system where they belong. Around and around they go - in for failure to appear, out on own recog, picked up for this or that d/t dual diag, out on own recog, failure to appear ....and on and sickeningly on.
This, folks, is 'community based care' (lack of a 'vomiting' icon).