Friday, February 15, 2008

We are not Alone

To the Editor

Re: Paying volunteers is stupid and demeaning - SUN - Daphne Bramham

Just when we think this regime can't get any does.There seems to be money spilling out of the government pockets at the whimof the Premier, and yet there is still no financial relief for all of us -the demolished small businesses all along the RAV/Canada Line route - whohave been forced to 'volunteer' our livelihoods over the past 2 years, andwho face financial ruin as a result.The money to do the right thing is available, and instead of doing the rightthing, The Liberals have chosen to willfully ignore the plight of hundredsof small business people.This shameful neglect is an Olympic abuse of power, and demonstrates howunder valued small independant businesses and average citizens are to theLiberal master plan.

Susan Heyes3190 Cambie StreetVancouver604 687-0721

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