Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pot Grower's Rights Violated

Everything about this story is bad.

Privacy rights vs. policing. A man's home is his castle vs. but they're packing major heat.

Another hundred reasons to revile Trudeau.

So a Vietnamese immigrant whose entire wealth is based on a criminal activity will carry on biz as usual because the RCMP were too vigorous? Because the law is an ass? Because privacy trumps all other considerations?

And my right to live in a criminal-free neighbourhood?

No doubt the legaliation nuts will chock this up as another wonderful argument for any peanut butter?


Anonymous said...

GULAG? What Gulag?

Seems to me that Minister Kolminski cut his teeth in the RCMP, did he not? And, judging by early reports coming out of yesterday's forum on policing, the RCMP still does not want its authority questioned in this Region. Unfortunately for a much-loved and respected tradition, many in and of the Force have become far too big for their breeches...We need to ACT NOW, to become again, masters and mistresses in our own house.

Gary. said...

"Another hundred reasons to revile Trudeau". Indeed David. Heard a caller yeaterday on Vanilla Bill Good's Program doing just that. Mr. Vanilla's response was "Trudeau is dead, in case you haven't heard". I guess the word "legacy" isn't in Vanilla's vocabulary.

fedup said...

this story is about pompous asses who call themselves judges but act as lefty social workers and wear black robes. they are all convinced they know better than us ignorant plebians, and they are absolutely destroying our justice system. they're allowed to do this b/c pierre 'the beginning of the end' trudeau assured his immortality with the dreaded bloody charter.

David in N Bby said...

There's no way in the world the Liberals will do anything to upset their RCMP pals (just ask Ottawa Citizen reporter Juliet O'Neill or Francois Beaudoin, former president of the Business Development Bank of Canada, for two, about how the Mounties deal with those that cross the Libs. Friends like that you take care of).
Regional police forces for Vancouver and Victoria just ain't gonna happen on their watch.

And as for Turdeau's legacy, Bill Bland can hardly be expected to rightly revile it considering who employs him to read the suppertime news I don't watch, i.e Canwest=Aspers=Parti Liberal du Canada. No surprises there.
I've always gotten a kick out of Bill declaring "no-one has ever told me what I could or couldn't say!"
They've never had to, Bill.

David Berner said...

That's because having nothing to say, he's never said anything. Only in Canada, the Land of Bland, could this bore be a Talk Show Host.