Saturday, February 2, 2008

Vision Party Press Release on Plastic Sam

MAYOR, NPA NIX PLASTIC BAG BAN IN VANCOUVERMore empty rhetoric from governing party, says Councillor

(VANCOUVER) A Vision Vancouver motion to phase out plastic bags in Vancouver was opposed by the NPA in council today, despite past promises from Mayor Sullivan to make Vancouver a leader in environmental sustainability.

"Mayor Sullivan and the NPA refuse to take action when it comes to sustainability," said Vision Vancouver Councillor Tim Stevenson. "After more than two years in power, all they can do is spout empty rhetoric while trying to green-wash their programs."

"It's not working, it's not believable, and the people of Vancouver are smart enough to see through the NPA's green spin."

Vision Vancouver introduced a motion in November to have staff identify ways to phase out plastic bags in Vancouver. At today's council debate, which was to merely ask city staff to identify options for phasing out plastic bags, the NPA refused to support Vision's motion.
In the past, Mayor Sullivan and the NPA have gone to great lengths to speak about their dedication to environmental causes. In his 2007 State of the City address, Mayor Sullivan declared that one of his five goals was to make Vancouver a "world leader" in environmental practices and sustainable transportation. (January 16, 2007)

"You would think that with all the talk the NPA have spewed out about caring for the environment, that this would be a no-brainer," said Stevenson. "But even for something as simple as working to eliminate wasteful plastic bags, the NPA still find a way to say no.""What we saw today was the same old story with the NPA: Vision brings forward new ideas to council, and Sam Sullivan and the NPA say no."

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