Saturday, February 2, 2008

We No Have-Um Fire

First we had The Nutty Mayor asking fire trucks to tip-toe softly through the night lest they disturb his nappie-poo.

Now, we've got the Almost-As-Nutty Mayor of We$t Vancouver, Pamela Hyphen-Drivel, wanting to cut fire crews down from the WorkSafeBC-mandated 4 persons to 3 to $ave a the richest postal code in the nation.

PHD is so clever she's send a QUESTIONAIRRE around to her taxpayers asking if they'd be willing to pay an extra $15 to cover another 3 firefighters.

News flash Pam - Your job is to govern and make decisions, not fund polls.

Let's see if I understand this. Homes in We$t Van start at a million five and top out around $45 million.

But, you have to ask the triple mortgagees if they'd put down their gin long enough to consider horking out 15 bucks to cover a fire???

Too many chai lattes, baby.


David in N Bby said...

Amazing. Its a truism that we get the governance we deserve, but oy vey, what have we done to deserve some of these mayors?
And don't let me even get started about Mr Three Chins here in Bby.

David Berner said...

Mr Three Chins???

Hahahahahaha...that's funny....could be a Batman villain...