Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Alberta, The Dumb

Alberta is such a testament to the power of democracy. A grand total of 41% turned out to vote in the provincial election on Monday.

If you ever have the misfortune to live in Alberta (I did twice, in Edmonton, in 1974 and 1992, both times for exactly one year to the hateful day.), you will notice at once how often Albertans tell you how great Alberta is.

There is no question that Edmonton is one of the flat ugliest cities in the world. That is, until you get to Calgary. Yikes!

You should be real scared if your company transfers you to Alberta. A sovereign state that boasts less than half of its eligible voters exercising its franchise is a place to be avoided at all costs.


anonamoose said...

I would say Vancouver would be quite ugly without the mountains , the sea, and the year round greenery.
I am originally from Toronto and remember how all the mucky mucks would rave about their city and then head for Florida for six months.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha -- we lived in Edmonton for six months in the mid-80s (my husband was a post-doc at the U. of A.) and I have family in Morinville, just outside of Edmonton. My husband was offered a faculty position at the U. of A. and he, with my urging, declined. The Calgary of today (not of the 80s) is a little more interesting and hey, you are close to some of the best skiing and scenery around -- you can even see the mountains from parts of the city. But, yes, sovereign state describes it well. As much as Vancouver annoys the hell out of me, it is a geographically beautiful city and there's a limit to how often you can visit the West Edmonton mall!


PelaLusa said...

I do prefer living near the ocean but never pooh-pooh where others live.

As for the election, I just checked the results. The Conservatives won 72 seats and the entire opposition only 11, a gain of 11 seats from the last election. This is HILARIOUS because I distinctly remember hearing the Liberal and NDP leaders asserting such certainty of a "massive change" this election. Optimism is one thing. Lying is something else all together!