Tuesday, March 18, 2008

BCTF - One of the Great Rogue Orgs in Town

Oh, look. The BCTF is fighting the government again. What a surprise.

And, look. It's about performing tests that are a part of their job as teachers.

And, imagine, they are so dedicated to their work with children that they will stop teaching just to bare their snarly teeth.

No doubt they are all cheering on the Olympics, where people compete ferociously with one another.

But go forbid their students should face the dreadful stress of competition.

Or even more to the point, forbid that anyone outside of themselves should judge the teachers' performances, as the rest of us are judged by a thousand methods in our work every day.

It's no wonders many teachers are embarrassed by their own union.

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David in North Burnaby BC said...

"It's no wonder many teachers are embarrassed by their own union."

Ah, but what do they do about it, there's the rub. Until there's a revolt in the ranks nothing will change apparently.
I had some hope that Christy Clark would crush the BCTF when she had the chance, but good member of the parti liberal du canerduh that she is, she jammed out.