Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Welcome to Sleepy Hollow

My neighbours are idiots.

Showing no progress, no understanding and huge short term memory loss, they elected another Liberal yesterday in Quadra.

Can anybody in Point Grey say, "Sponsorship scandal?"

Does nobody recall the outrageous corruption of the Chretien years and the fumbling ineptitude of the Martin Moment?

Apparently not.

Just hang onto the old status quo, you sleepy fools.

May your taxes rise and your services decline.


JBB said...


A close bi-election is simply a test of who had the best organization. Had Harper chosen to visit the riding the Conservatives might have won. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

Apparently your neighbours are big fans of high crime, soft judges, high taxes, free dope for junkies and all the good things brought to us by the parti liberal du canerduh. I'll bet they can't wait for PM Stefie Dion.
You must have a great time chatting your way to and from the shops in the am, Sir David. :roll:

Anonymous said...

The outcome might also have to do with the fact that the candidate choices were so poor. Personally, I couldn't bring myself to vote. I am feeling the same sense of malaise regarding the mayoralty race.


Anonymous said...

It never fails. This elecetion was held during spring reak. a time when the majority of people are not paying ANY attention to politics.
Only people who live in the past and were around to vote.
I had to hold my nose,arch down to my voting station and vote.
None of the people running made any impression on me. They sure haven't made any difference to this city.
In fact, most of my neighbours were asking "who are these people?"
Sad sign of the times.

MurdocK said...

or perhaps they really just wanted to make sure the seat in the commons was VACANT in any and all coming votes in the commons?