Monday, March 3, 2008

Bureaucracy Run Amok

There seems to have been a devilish theme to this morning's front page:

1. Parents at a school on the West Side of town want to donate some government grant money to a poorer East Side School. Sounds pretty good, right?

Not if you're a plank-up-your-ass official.

No, no, no...kindness not accepted here.

The good folks at Rich School were told spend the loot or give it back.

There are just some bureaucrats who have never met an obscure rule they didn't relish.

2. The BC Human Rights Tribunal ruled in 2005 that the Education Ministry and the North Van school board - two organizations revered round the world for their enlightenment - discriminated against learning disabled students. Quite simply, they didn't give them the resources to succeed in their studies.

Well, why would the government sit back and accept their own Human Rights decisions?

Of course, they spent your tax money suing in BC Supreme Court, and of course, in its traditional wisdom, the much admired Court overturned the 2005 decision.

Meaning we just don't have to waste money helping challenged children with their education.

Why should we? We need that money for law suits.

3. And in a foto big enough to choke a horse, we see The Ultimate Bore.

There's Gordo the Great celebrating one chunk of mud meeting another chunk of mud in downtown Vancouver.

That would be your Canerder Line.

Let's see the foto of Our Esteemed Leader handing over cheques to the disabled businesses on Cambie Street.

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