Monday, March 3, 2008

Elizabeth Deports

3 March, 2008

Hi, David:

Another day; another deadline in the Best Place on Earth.

Will it be met or thwarted?

Word this morning is that "the federal government has spent $60,000" on attempts to deport Laibar Singh. To which my response is, "and the rest".

We also learn today, that a new ploy has been dreamed up in an attempt to get Canada to pay for another year of care for this man, because "supporters want his health to improve to the point where he can get out of the wheelchair." This has to end. I am sick and tired of Canada being jerked around by all and sundry - including criminals - who seem to think Canadian taxpayer pocket is the go-to place for their convenience.

The claim is that India cannot supply the same level of care. If that was the case, I'd be the first to say Singh should stay; it isn't. It's arrant nonsense; else why would Canadians go over to India and pay many thousands and thoussands of dollars for care they cannot get in their own country?

If Ottawa has $60,000 - and the rest - to spare, then let's spend it on BC patients who three-four times in a row have had to have their urgent surgery bumped. Or the elderly patients who are being abused while they are being housed in Okanagan "care" homes. Or the "children in care" for whom Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond cannot get the attention of the Campbell government.

In the meantime, if that deadline is not met - we'd like that $50,000 bond forfeited, please - every penny of it to go straight to one of three places: (1) Children's Hospital ICU; (2) to the care of abused patients in the Okanagan; or (3) to BC Heart and Stroke Foundation for the "direct" care care of BC's own stroke patients.

Elizabeth James


Anonymous said...

I say send him back and keep the bond. Tell them it's going towards the $60,000 he took from the tax payers. And send him the bill for the other 10 grand.

David in N Bby said...

His supporters never seem to address the question of why India wants him back in the first place.
Good riddance the sooner the better.