Friday, March 28, 2008

Do the Crime...

The judge, sentencing Iron Bar Man, to 5 1/5 years, must have read my blog the other day. He said it was a miracle that the fool didn't kill any of the 5 women he attacked.

Indeed. 5'll get ya 10...which is more like what this pathetic man deserved.

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Steve said...

Here's what I understand about the law as practised in BC:

Sinisclachi will most likely get two-for-one for time served before sentencing (this is the general practise in BC); in this case, he was arrested in January of last year, so he's already served 14 months. Times two, or 28 "months". And there's an early release policy at two-thirds of the sentence, which would be 44 "months". So, when I run the math, I calculate he will probably be out in another 16 months.

Sentence: 66 months
Total actual time served: 30 months

This is justice in BC.

I sure hope I'm wrong on this, and he'll get out sometime late in 2013. But that's not what I've seen done in most cases in the past.