Sunday, March 2, 2008

Drunk Drivers are Sick Puppies and Should be Removed from the Roads at Once

The Province is running a week-long series on drunk driving.

The issue is profound.

We live in a society that suffers from, among many others, at least these two major problems.

Everyone feels powerless.

Nobody listens. Our vote doesn't count. Officials make policy that is universally offensive and nonsensical. We don't know our neighbours. We don't want to know our neighbours.

I need to express my power somehow.

I can park under the NO PARKING sign. I can walk across the red light. I can drive drunk. I can drive drunk when I'm on vacation in Maui.

Second, we live in a juvenile society, a me society. If you're not in MY MOVIE, you don't really exist. I HAVE RIGHTS!!!

On Friday, I was driving home along South West Marine Drive.

A man in an enormous black SUV did something unbelievable. He drove very, very fast along the right hand inside shoulder for almost one block to pass me.

Dangerous and illegal, but, hey, he places to go, people to meet.

There is talk of taking peoples cars away when they drive drunk. I'm all for that. And any other punitive measure that may impress these criminals.

I don't care where you work and how bad the transit system is. Maybe after 5 years of living with that, you might figure out that driving sober is the only way to go.

Anybody found drunk driving should be compelled to alcoholism treatment at once.

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David in N Bby said...

If the death toll inflicted on society by drunk drivers were the result of a war the daily demonstrations in the streets would bring cities to a standstill. Drunk driving? Well, you know, we take it seriously, but not quite so seriously as to get "harsh" on anyone, you know, like Gordie Campbell for example, hey you can't be too harsh 'cause....
Damnit, I say GET HARSH.
Enough is enough. Its time to send a message, what used to be called "making an example". >:<