Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ruining the Hood

Yesterday was bright and sunny.

The pols were out.

First I ran into the entire Vision team, campaigning for the fall civic elections. That was O.K. I like Gregor and Raymond and I'm always happy to stop and schmooze with them.

Later, I was taking an exercise walk and I saw a man and a woman. The man said, "Hi." I stuck out my mitt for the handshake, but he said, "I'm Ivor," and pointed his upturned palm to the woman. "This is Joyce Murray."

Murray wants to be your Liberal party MP for Vancouver Quadra.

Murray tried to hand me a brochure.

"Did you know that there is a Federal by-election in this neighbourhood?"

"Yes. I'm a journalist. I'm well aware of that, thanks."

"Well, are you going to vote Liberal?"

"Not a chance. Not in this lifetime."


"But, hey, it's democracy. Good luck."

It's nice to see people walking these days.

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