Friday, March 14, 2008

A Fetching Editorial

Somehow, I get the idea that I'm not on the short list to join the Sun editorial board.

I hope we don't have to share a dining room table at the care home. The drooling will be combative to say the least.

In writing about the mayoralty race today, the editorial noted The Nutty One's about face on hiring more police officers. They then acknowledge that Raymond Louie says the mayor is just pandering to voters. Duh?

And here's their deeply considering reaction to that well-founded accusation:

"That seems a bit far-fetched."

What are they smoking?


The mayor hates the police. He has been fighting with them for years. He doesn't want more police. He wants private security goons disguised as "ambassadors." He supports one and only one pillar of the comically mis-named Four Pillars Strategy, and that is Harm Seduction. He has politicked ardently for years against Enforcement.

Do the editorial writers read their own archives? Do they know who this fellow is? Do they not realize that everything he does is politically motivated and aimed solely at self-advancement?

What gene are they missing?

What is far-fetched is the paper's take on the Man in Office.
By the way, the dog's name is Farley.

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