Friday, March 14, 2008

My Dog Would Like to Leave a Deposit

Dobell gets an "absolute discharge?"

I have an absolute discharge for him. But it's a bit messy.

And for all his apologists and for the court that absolved him utterly.

How can the man closest to the Premier and the Mayor claim ignorance of the rules?

And I say again...if he is such a stalwart citizen, what is he doing charging the taxpayers $250/hour to consult on matters of homelessness?

Say, Ken, now that you've been a well-compensated snivel servant all your life, when does the giving back kick in?


Anonymous said...

I seem to recall Ken Dobell was the head of Translink when the NDP were in power. He supported the Vehicle Transit Levy.
The Liberals, within days of getting elected in 2001, hired Dobell.
A few days after, the Liberals announced they were going to build a rapid transit line from Vancouver's airport, and Richmond to downtown.
The so called RAV line was never discussed before the Liberals election, nor were the Winter Olympics.
I think we have all been hoodwinked by the Liberals.

MurdocK said...

Once again, if you thought we did not live in a 3rd world banana republic, this non-performance of the courts should make you take a second look?

I was thinking about this story just after it broke and realized that this ***** feeding off the public *** was going to get exactly 0 penalty.


Because the opposition could not bear to actually hold the current government accountable on anything, since they - the much beloved NDP (NON Democratic Party) have at least as many skeletons in their closets too. Moreover they would not want to have to serve any such penalty were any of their own moles to be 'outed'.

Vive la revolution!