Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Ken Dobell Affair

If ever there was a case of "there is justice for some and justice of another kind for others," this seems to be it.

For breaking the laws, Mr. Dobell, who by such close, personal and consistent association with the Premier over many years, was himself practically a sheriff in this province, has been asked to write an essay for his wrongs.

Write an essay???

And just in case you missed it, the Vancouver Sun has printed the thing in its entirety.
He might easily have been convicted of influence peddling as well, but I guess one detention after class and one good essay will do.

In the follow-up you may have missed, the thief who stole the rings from the fingers of the 91-year old woman in the hospital has agreed to avoid being charged if he washes some windows and also writes an essay which the Georgia Straight will print right next to a beer ad and a review of someone playing the blues at a Gastown bar.

As for the string of outraged epithets that the government, including the Premier, is throwing at the opposition, we think the ladies doth protest too much. Guilty or what?

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