Thursday, March 13, 2008

Susan's Got Outrage

To the EditorWhere's the outrage? - Province March 13/08I'll show you outrage.Count the number of letters I and many others have written, published ornot - the number of times I and many others have have been on the radio,written articles, spoken to neighbourhood groups, over the continuing abusesof power that have become business as usual in BC; Over the unthinkableinjustice of having our life's work demolished by these arrogant thugscurrently at the helm of our Province.Cambully and Dobell have a lot in common with the two who were responsiblefor the sinking of the Queen of the North. They too, have been derelict intheir duty while driving BC, the Queen of the West. They have failed touphold democracy and be accountable to the people they have a mandate toserve. Only by the time the facts come out about this administration, theFOI requests are received (if ever) and the stories finally, maybe, make itto press and ultimately to court - the loyal members of this elite club willbe on a beach in Maui reaping the rewards of a lifetime of abusing thepublic trust. Cheers, Gord.Dobell didn't know he was in a conflict of interest? (Oh, look - there'sgnomes in the garden again)....Cambully running an "open and accountable' government? He's a ghost in thelegislature at best.Jessica McDonald "not aware of any evidence" that Dobell was breaking thelaw? Good grief.Basi Virk, TransLink, and so on, and so on...(fill in abuse of power here).The problem is, for all of us who still have some fight left in us afterbeing attacked, and ignored by those who hold all the power - our hardfought protests need to come with a photo op for the media, like all thosemulti-million dollar taxpayer funded best Place on Earth electionads for the Liberals. If we had that kind of coin behind us - BRACEYOURSELVES for a storm of outrage.Until then, we continue to be marginalized by our government spin machine,and remain controversial choices for the editorial pages of the dailynewspapers. Thankfully, there are some excellent reporters out there who arewilling to sink their teeth in to get to the truth, and not just print thegovernment press releases.As for all of us on the brink of bancruptcy along the Canada Line, being theacknowledged victims of this pre-meditated crime doesn't in and of itselfseem to be enough reason for this government to do the right thing. Theyhave effectively controlled our protest with relentless, costly spin, andforced us to engage in the biggest of all possible fights with every levelof government and billion dollar corporations instead of acting withintegrity from the beginning. What has happened here is wrong on everylevel.Well - having been crushed into this corner, I'm mad as hell, and I'm notstopping this fight for justice and compensation until it is achieved forall of us.Susan HeyesHazel&CoCambie Street604 687-0721

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