Saturday, March 8, 2008


The Globe and mail reported today that BC Aboriginal Relations Minister Mike de Jong is considering renaming the Strait of Georgia. The name?
"The Salish Sea."

This is the most egregious and disgusting case of political correctness and Tokenism I think I have ever witnessed.

Natives need no more empty gestures.

They don't even need more money.

They need pride of self, determination, and focus, and they and they alone can grant themselves these necessities.

Talk to Gail Sparrow or Gloria Webster or any other aboriginal person who has made an exemplary life for herself or himself and her or his family.

All the handouts and all the cheap tokens will not do the trick.

Gail says go down to the DES and haul back your drunk brothers and sisters and care for them and lead them to sobriety.

Gloria says go to school, get a University degree, compete, succeed. She did.

I am sickened by this idiotic suggestion.

I am despairing that anyone would give this a moment's thought.

If de Jong had any sense, he would have told the native leader who made this suggestion, "You don't need new and empty names, Sir. You need dignity. That only comes from work."

Email the minister and tell him to respect people and stop playing with them.


Anonymous said...

Said so well.

PelaLusa said...

I think you just popped the trial balloon, David!

David in N Bby said...

Well, I guess I'm odd man out here at least, because I must say I really don't have a problem with this. Far from it.
George who? From where?
Salish Sea has a nice BC ring to me. Salish Saltchuck, Salish Hyas Chuck.
I like. ;-)

Anonymous said...

You think Salish Sea is bad. Wait for the new name for B.C. It's coming!