Saturday, March 8, 2008

Who Dat?

When I wrote in this space yesterday that BC PLace is the Ugliest Thing in the World and should be Torn Down at Once, I didn't realize that the Minister (Ir)Responsible for this eyesore and bottomless sucking pit of taxpayers' money is none other than Stan Hagen.

Mr. Hagen is a charming delightful fellow. He reminds one of Red Skelton. A big cheery laugh.

Unfortunately, this career politician has never done anything to earn his pay. He has been shuttled from one portfolio to another by Gordon Campbell with identical results. The methodology seems to be Keep This Guy Out Of Harm's Way; May He Inflict the Least Damage.

He is also (ir)responsible for the runaway costs of the Trade and Convention Centre expansion. Make that Expan$$$$$$ion.

Good luck to Stan and his Place.

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