Saturday, May 10, 2008

Good Night and Good Luck

Gas Prices Send Surge of Riders to Mass Transit
Cities with long-established public transit systems and areas with a strong driving culture are both reporting increases in ridership of buses and trains.

So reads a NY Times headline today.

Of course, that couldn't happen in Meekrow Vancouver because we have Transclunk, one of the last efficient systems in the known universe.


Anonymous said...

We should be thankful.
Life expectancy is shorter in cities where people rely more on public transport.
For example, New York City, men live to an average of 75 years, five years less than Vancouver!

Anonymous said...

I agree Victor, that Hillary's claim to experience just because she was married to the President, is ludicrous. However, I'm a woman and I do not support Hillary. Mind you, I'm not an 'American Woman'.

Unfortunately for Hillary, and as Nora Ephron pointed out in her Huffington Post piece, "white men will still decide who gets to be president." Hopefully these white men will prefer Obama to McCain.